Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Equipment

DEF Portable Pumping Equipment *

These skids were designed to be used in transportation applications as well as in a warehouse for distributors of DEF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid. The rigid aluminum/stainless steel structure can be built with heavy duty swivel and locking casters for push cart mobility or with fork truck pockets for easy and safe transporting.

DEF Base Mount Pumping Skids *

Base mounted Deisel Exhaust Fluid pumping systems are designed to be permanently mounted in a warehouse. These skids are often found in close proximity to a large poly bulk tank for DEF storage. Bases can be custom designed to allow for pre-existing piping to pass underneath.

DEF Truck Tanks *

Oilmen’s Truck Tanks designed and built the nation’s first weights and measures approved truck tank for hauling DEF. DEF tankwagons are available in both insulated and non-insulted models. Usually the climate the equipment will be operating in will determine the correct options such as insulated piping, insulated cabinets, and heated equipment compartments.

DEF Trailers *

Stainless Steel trailers are used for the bulk hauling of DEF. These are typically one compartment units that we mount pumping equipment housed in a cabinet beneath the tanker.

DEF Transloading Systems *

Oilmen’s can provide custom packaged skids designed to load or off load DEF from rail cars, barges or trucks. These high volume skids include pumps, meters, filters and controls and can be engineered to meet your safety and site process requirements. Pre-piped systems can be trailer, truck or stationary mounted to fit your process demands.

DEF Fleet Fueling Saddle Tank*

Designed as an add-on component to trucks used for fleet fueling, this small tank and pump allows the drive to top off DEF tanks alongside fuel tanks.

*All Oilmen’s Diesel Exhaust Fluid Equipment is constructed using materials that are compatible with DEF as outlined by the ISO 22241-3 Specification.